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She is a wonderful, safe and sturdy daysailer, with a huge cockpit that seats 6 or more in comfort and high coaming that keeps water out and kids in. From to , the Rumery yard in Saco, ME undertook a complete overhaul of the boat. She was taken down to bare fiberglass and bright work and rebuilt and refinished from there, along with the addition of new winches, automatic bailer, self-furling jib, new suit of sails, GPS and radio, and new electrical and wiring rig. The head was removed but the twin bunks were retained. The mast was moved a bit to reduce the weather helm. From any angle, she shows her traditional lines that have been updated to create a new timelessness that is a classic today, and will continue to be tomorrow. She uses a high-tech fiberglass composite hull combined with the finest mahogany woodwork. All hardware is solid stainless steel, and she is equipped with the finest instrumentation and accessories.

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Lots of good information in previous posts – some more tips Dolphin Tips Original author unknown Material that you will need for the rigs: Most Dolphins are caught on the surface, so most of the rigs should be surface rigs. With the wire cutters, place the cutting jaws on the hook at the eye where the end is bent to the shank the opening and squeeze.

This will spread the gap wide enough to get another hook through the eye. Run the point through the eye with both hooks laying the same way.

In most cases, the speedometer works by implementing water and air pressure. As you sail, water is forced into a small hole either in the pitat pick-up or in the lower unit of the motor. The water forces the air in the tube to compress and moves the needle to show your speed.

Best Offer – This Champion Outboard Motor has good compression but the owner has not tried to start it. It is missing a spark plug cap. The Model A was designed to be a “all-weather” cruiser at the price point of a standard runabout. This example has been wonderfully restored over the years with much new hull planking, new stem, transom, several frames, and a refastened bottom with stainless fasteners.

Repowered with a Chrysler Crown engine. Sold as a pair. Both were removed from a cruiser many years ago. Transmissions included, believed to be 2: They have been stored in a barn for many years. Both appear to be complete. Should have enough parts between the two engines to make one good engine. Gear and flywheel cover and oil pan all aluminum.

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There are so-called “walkarounds” where your feet can trace a rain-gutter sized perimeter recess in the deck about the bow as you make sure one hand is always hanging on to something, and then there are fishing boats where you can actually walk, yes, stride around the front of the cabin and, if working the big one, have both hands on the rod as you maneuver about the boat. One of those would be the Pro-Line Walkaround, a vessel that truly lives up to its name.

With other robust features such as huge fuel capacity, an extremely well-equipped cockpit fishing work space with numerous, large multi-purpose tank, bait well, storage compartment and tackle stations this is one serious fishing platform, no question about it.

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Date ad first posted: She sails well in every condition Ive had her in, including confidence-inspiring heavy weather sailing. Ravat is a rare configuration in that she has a factory Edson wheel option and a shoal draft. Electrical refit highlights include extensive electrical system upgrades with Blue Seas components, three batteries, Fusion marine stereo, Raymarine ST60 instruments, and chart plotter mounted on a custom angled pedestal guard.

The plumbing systems also was overhauled with a new pressure water system, in-line water filter, a new head, a custom new holding tank and low-permeation sanitary hoses. This boat has none of the scents which are common to boats with older sanitary systems. In addition, all gate valves have been replaced with new heavy bronze Groco seacocks with new hoses.

Original plywood backing plates have all been replaced with new thick epoxy-bedded structural fiberglass backing plates. Structural refit activities included complete repair of age-typical stress cracking at keel-hull joint, and barrier coating with Interprotect E. Side decks have undergone core replacement, and are very solid with professionally applied textured gel coat.

Since that repair nearly all deck penetrations have had their core sections potted, and hardware bedded in butyl. Rigging refit included new side-stays and back-stay, new lifelines, new Boomkicker, and nearly all running rigging. She has a new main sail cover, and a new Quantum racing Dacron main.

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Tachometer and speedometer Johnson Evinrude Outboard Forum – www. I bought the boat in November and have been restoring and fixing things however I still use it to fish out of. Ive got it running good and several other things fixed and replaced but when I got the boat the person before me has cut or removed all the wires going to my guages. I dont really care to much about the fuel guage since the original tanks have been removed before I got it and I just use a portable 15 gallon fuel tank nor do I care about the volt guage since my fish finder tells me voltage.

I would like to run new wires or whatever I need to fix the speedometer on the boat however if thats not possible or to complicated I can just continue to use the gps speed on my fish finder. I really would like to fix my tachometer.

The S trim includes inch alloy wheels, power-adjustable and heated side mirrors, Bluetooth audio streaming and hands-free connectivity, an 8-speaker stereo with iPod hookup, inch touchscreen with satellite radio, steering wheel audio controls, smartphone integration, remote keyless entry and a leather shift knob, as well as cloth seating.

They don’t seem to be offering the dash inserts anymore! If you need them, you can call and find out what’s up: There were none on the stock setup! The only complaints I have about the Dolphins is that the mounting clips were not shaped right, nor were they the right length, and they were also very, very poor quality!

Also, the dash inserts were not exactly the right size This is totally unforgivable! I decided I could live with the space at the bottom of the insert, but not at the top — it would forever haunt and irritate me — so I decided to leave it be and reapproach the situation the next day The following day, after carefully fashioning the mounting clips to my satisfaction, I reapproached the installation of the “custom” dash inserts and had much greater success. The mounting clips held nicely, but the inserts kept resting at the bottom of the dash opening, so I applied some ProBond polyurethane glue to the bottom half of the inserts, clamped them in place, tightened the mounting clips and let them cure overnight.

On the third day, I installed the gauges with no difficulties at all.


Another important object of my invention is to provide a simple and reliable speedometer of small size and compact design which is relatively inexpensive and is easily installed. Other important objects and advantages of my invention will be apparent from the following description and the accompanying drawings, wherein for purposes of illustration, only, a preferred embodiment is set forth in detail.

Figure 1 is a general vertical longitudinal central section taken through Figure 2 on the line ;-I, and showing installation thereof ,-in, the bottom of a boat. Figure 3 is a top plan view of the rheostat with the cover removed. Figure 4 is a top plan view of the electrical indicator or speedometer dial and mechanism.

Seats, front 40/20/40 split-bench, 3-passenger, driver and front passenger recline with outboard head restraints and center fold-down armrest with storage. Vinyl has fixed lumbar and cloth has manually adjustable driver lumbar.

Ignore User Repairing a Boats Speedometer The most common type of boat speedometer has a tube called a pitot tube that runs to the back of the transom, or through the lower unit of the outboard motor. When the boat is in motion, water flows into this tube, compressing the air in the tube. As the air in the tube is compressed, it moves the needle on the speedometer, much like the needle on a blood pressure cuff.

The most common cause of speedometer failure is a plugged pitot tube. Look under your boats dashboard and find the tube running from the center of the back of the speedometer. The tube probably will be black plastic and thicker than most boat wiring. Trace the speedometer tube to the back of the boat, where it will connect either to a pitot tube under the transom or to the lower unit of the outboard motor.

Inspect the length of the tube for holes, cuts, kinks or wire ties that visibly pinch the tube. If the tube is cut or has a hole, replace the tube. If a wire tie is pinching the tube, remove and replace the wire tie, making sure not to pinch the tube.

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Failure to attach the engine stop cord could result in a runaway boat if the operator is ejected. Be alert for conditions that limit your visibility or block your vision of others. Exhaust fumes contain carbon monoxide, a colorless, odorless gas that may cause death within a short time. Always operate the boat in an open area. Know and follow all state and local water-skiing regulations in effect for the waters in which you will be operating.

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Copywrite by Boat-Project. Com Although several projects on this website have NMEA connection examples, it has come to my attention that some readers would like more in-depth instructions on how this is done. In an emergency or other DSC function, the boat’s GPS position could be transmitted by the VHF radio, which would aid rescuers emergency or buddies if they had similarly equipped systems to locate you. More advanced DSC systems cannot only transmit your position, they can also directly plot DSC signals you receiver directly on your chartplotter.

This would require both VHF receiver and chartplotter to support this function. Therefore, this is a basic system. If you would like to consider a more advanced system, check out my project in the Navigation section of this webpage for a system that does support this function. Before continuing, a short familarization with NMEA is in order. NMEA is a point-to-point connection scheme that is used to interconnect navigation equipment.

This establishes a NMEA channel.

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Therefore it is important to use the gauge and matching sender in your project. Only one hole for the sender is supplied in an original tank, unlike the fine reproduction tanks that come with two. The second hole in them is for the fuel pickup or electric pump in fuel-injected cars. I had to rotate the flange slightly to allow for drilling holes to match the six-hole pattern on my tank. A new gasket was made and the unit cut-down to account for the depth of the tank.

Most sending units have a float assembly that has to be modified to fit the depth of the vehicles tank.

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A minor boat repair often includes repairing paint chips, repainting some parts of the boat, or fixing your speedometer. Fixing your speedometer is a minor repair. However, if not immediately fixed, your boat can be in for a lot more trouble than you can imagine. Locating the Speedometer Tube When checking for the cause of the malfunction, you need to locate the tube of the speedometer.

Disconnecting the Speedometer Tube If the tube of your speedometer is connected to the pitot tube, remove the tube from the speedometer by unscrewing the connector on the pitot tube. If it is connected to the outboard motor, just release the quick-connect joint. Replacing the Tube Check to see if there are any holes or cuts on the tubes.

If you do find holes on the tube, all you need to do is replace the damaged tube with new tube. Make sure that you have the same length as the old tube.

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US Speedo’s stainless steel gauge face overlays replace the stock gauge faces on your instrument panel in a half-hour or so. All of the factory information is available, the lighting is Keeping your diesel engine within proper exhaust gas temperature EGT parameters is vitally important to ensuring the proper operation, reliability and longevity of your engine. Made from T6 billet aluminum and available in a variety of designs. Insert can be custom finished to match your paint American Muscle Series analog gauges — designer street performance instruments.

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Speedometer and Tachometer Cables, some tips and advice. As a leading manufacture of Speedometer and Tachometer cables and other flexible drive shafts, Speedograph Richfield take great care during the manufacturing of the raw materials, components and complete cable assemblies, to ensure that the finished product is produced to the highest standards.

We have many years of experience in supplying both large volume and small quantity requirements, and offer the following installation information, which we hope you may find useful. It is helpful if you consider a speedometer or tachometer cable to be a flexible rotating shaft within an outer conduit or casing. The inner shafting is constructed from a number of fine wires, precision wound in opposing directions.

After winding, the shafting is heat treated and stabilised, and it is not possible to return the individual wires to the original state they were in during manufacture.. After winding, and during assembly, we apply preservative and lubricant to the inner shaft, and this is usually sufficient for the lifetime of the assembly. If you do, it will almost certainly be wound up by the rotating inner shaft, acting as a screw, and forced into the instrument, causing serious if not permanent damage to the instrument.

The only cure for this is to replace the complete flexible drive assembly. Speedometer and tachometer cables should ALWAYS be fitted as complete assemblies During manufacture of a cable assembly, the inner shafting, outer casing and fittings are all matched together, and if you attempt to fit a new inner cable into another outer casing, disaster will almost always result. It is almost certainly due to either the instrument seizing, or the incorrect installation of the cable assembly with tight bends or kinks.

In either event, fitting a new inner cable will not cure the problem, and if for example, the new inner shaft is only millimetres longer than the original, it could put internal pressure on the instrument drive, and permanently damage the instrument. If the inner cable has been damaged by a seized instrument, or a kink in the outer cable casing, it will only fail again.

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April 17, , White Bear Boat Works is going to touch up the end of the hull at the middle of the boat, making a sharp edge where some fiberglass is missing at the end corner and matching the gelcoat, took off the lower unit and brought it over to the prop and alum welding man to either straighten out the skeg or replace it, bought a water impeller and housing unit, and sold the 22″ Mercury chopper stainless steel prop to someone running a pound Checkmate with a HP Merc.

Even with the sale, spent more money than I took in. Had trouble getting the lower unit off so called a Johnson outboard marine repair shop in East Bethel and took the boat and motor over to Scott to look at. He was most helpful. I had forgotten one bolt, and then there is a metal rod connection from the lower unit into the engine area for shifting gears that is disconnected by a bolt under the carbs under the engine hood.

If On outboard engines without power trim, the trim angle this occurs accidentally while running at full throttle, can be controlled by using the following “Rule of Thumb”: If immediately lower the drive trim and reduce the throttle the bow runs low or heavy in the water, move the unit out until the slipping stops.

Pictures and an inventory are available on the Internet at http: Interior bulkheads glassed to hull. Headliner finished, cabin sole carpet. Sloop rig, Proctor aluminum spar and boom, 1 x 19 SS wire rope with swaged fittings. Harken Roller Furling on head stay. Split backstay , baby stay, tiller steering, boom vang, Main sheet traveler. It sold for 21, through a broker. CS27 Excellent Condition.

Lying Lion’s Head, Ontario. Basic instrumentation VHS, speed, depth and compass. New Navy Genco dodger installed July , and a new head in Furling system with a 1, 3, Storm and also main sail.

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