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Gravel, also on certiorari to the same court. A United States Senator read to a subcommittee from classified documents the Pentagon Papers , which he then placed in the public record. The press reported that the Senator had arranged for private publication of the Papers. A grand jury investigating whether violations of federal law were implicated subpoenaed an aide to the Senator. The Senator, as an intervenor, moved to quash the subpoena, contending that it would violate the Speech or Debate Clause to compel the aide to testify. The District Court denied the motion but limited the questioning of the aide. The Court of Appeals affirmed the denial but modified the protective order, ruling that congressional aides and other persons may not be questioned regarding legislative acts and that, though the private publication was not constitutionally protected, a common-law privilege similar to the privilege of protecting executive officials from liability for libel, see Barr v. The Speech or Debate Clause applies not only to a Member of Congress but also to his aide, insofar as the aide’s conduct would be a protected legislative act if performed by the Member himself. The Speech or Debate Clause does not extend immunity to the Senator’s aide from testifying before the grand jury about the alleged arrangement for private publication of the Pentagon Papers, as such publication had no connection with the legislative process. The aide, similarly, had no nonconstitutional testimonial privilege from being questioned by the grand jury in connection with its inquiry into whether private publication of the Papers violated federal law.

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March – September, In late March of , I became the owner of a Carlton Catalina touring bike. Note that the serial number It appears that Raleigh recycled many of the older serial e. A G serial number may have been built into a bike.

Frame identification by frame number Author Alvin Smith Possible identification of bicycle frames using only frame numbers – initial guidance Sometimes bicycles or frames are found with no makers’ transfers or badges on them –and occasionally with badges/transfers that are not correct!

Fear of a Blank Planet 07 The Incident 09, 2CD In addition to the above are Vinyl releases which don’t have the same song sets on them, plus many “Expanded” and “Special” re-releases of previous material with bonus tracks. See their web site for complete details. Jermain and Master Timothy Masters? I’m not sure but I do know what to think of the 76 minute On the Sunday of Life Pretty damn good, that’s what.

Well, for the most part, anyway. Porcupine Tree is part of the British neo-psych scene, of which the Ozric Tentacles are the best known proponents. Most of the album is excellent, mind-blowing spacy psychedelia reminiscent of early Pink Floyd circa Ummagumma. The only problem I have with the album is the interjection of occasional pop-styled songs. The lyrics are definitely acid inspired such as the very cool “The Nostalgia Factory” or the coy “Linton Samuel Dawson”:

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Let us design a custom musette for you. These musettes are perfect for short day rides, runs to the store or post office, or any other ride where all you might need is a wallet, a windbreaker, and a place to put any goodies you might pick up! Watch out that the fashionista in your life doesn’t appropriate it for the runways!

The easiest way to date a Holdsworth, Claud or Grubb is to start with the frame can give a very good indication of when the frameset was made and sometimes much more. Knowing the year made narrows the field enormously when trying to ID the model.

Guy Richard Armitage is back, sending local women’s hearts all a-flutter, having somehow convinced Prince John that he isn’t to blame for the failure to capture Robin Hood Jonas Armstrong. Now he’s been given autonomy and a personal army of highly-trained soldiers to capture Hood’s men, before unleashing his “secret weapon” oo-er, misses. Deep in Sherwood, Robin helps a beautiful woman called Isabella Lara Pulver avoid Guy’s men, and she becomes embroiled in the dastardly villain’s scheme to carefully herd Robin’s men into a forest clearing, where his secret weapon is revealed to be Little John Gordon Kennedy , separated from the others after they temporarily split up, chances upon a travelling circus led by Bertha of Bath a bloated Denise Black , a fiery woman on her way to Nottingham with her troupe of gladiators and children.

She offers Little John sanctuary from Guy’s men, but only if he’ll agree to become a gladiator and fight as entertainment in Nottingham Castle’s courtyard. John agrees, but after Bertha’s ordered by the Sheriff Keith Allen to give him an extortionate amount of her takings, she persuades him to accept the public death of one of Hood’s men as payment, and thus makes plans to ensure Little John’s unwittingly participating in a gladiatorial fight to the death.

The script by Lisa Holdsworth Waterloo Road, New Tricks features a lot of running around, often apparently in search of a decent story. The Little John subplot felt undercooked in the extreme; so much so that when John forms another bond with a cute kid Walt, played nicely by James Buckley , the relationship is never one we really believe in, or care about. Denise Black tries her best as Bertha, but it’s a bland role in a story that feels like padding.


Most significant was the move towards Nervex lugs, only available on the Cyclone this year. All other models stayed as previous years, it leads the way. But, Holdsworth still embellished the lugs by adding the long spear point to the Nervex lug. Also new this year for the Monsoon, was the mention of Agrati ends, with Campagnolo self-centering ends available at extra cost. These had only been available on the Whirlwind during the previous year.

Jun 09,  · was wondering if anyone can help me with dating it. It is a touring geometry frame, with Fancy lugs, that look like Nervex Pro, except seem to show some differences. Front of head-lugs has no fish-tail – a window instead, and no-reinforcing rim. Dating Holdsworth -fancy lugs (Nervex .

Mobile singles respond to the appeal of mobility by entertaining fantasies of connection. Abstract This article contributes to research on intimacies and mobilities. Using the concept of intimacy, it focuses on mobile singles’ hopes, desires and projections in response to mobility’s promised and assumed opportunities.

I interviewed sixteen participants from Canada and the UK about their experience of migration, focusing on its affective elements. As mobile singles, they are alone and detached in significant ways, which makes it especially relevant to study how they build intimacy in their new settings. Mobility produces fantasies of connection and attachment to local people and cultures: For a significant number of participants, dating and finding a partner is seen as a privileged way of forging strong ties to a local community.

Many participants are willing to go forward with migration even if it means putting existing relationships in jeopardy, or moving again in the future. Despite doubts and disappointments, mobility seems to hold the promise of something better. Previous article in issue.

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Larry Carlton – “Collection” Larry Eugene Carlton born March 2, is an American guitarist who built his career as a studio musician in the s and ’80s for acts such as Steely Dan and Joni Mitchell. He has participated in thousands of recording sessions, recorded on hundreds of albums in many genres, for television and movies, and on more than gold records. He has been a member of the jazz fusion groups The Crusaders and Fourplay and has maintained a long solo career The first volume of GRP’s Larry Carlton Collection takes the listener from the beginning of his solo career up to Starting off with one cut from his first Warner Bros.

Holdsworth. paid piece rate, a fixed sum depending on the model, for each frame made. You signed your. frame sheet, if it failed it’s inspection, or was returned within a year. Bill was by now their top builder.

Posts 7, I think it is more likely to be Reynolds tubing, since was not introduced until the early ’90s. The fact of the Campy drop outs almost guarantees that you have a high-end frame from that late ’60s-early ’70s period–they were comparatively expensive and not “wasted” on the economy frames. I posted about Evans over at the Classic Rendezvous forum–the consensus is that FW Evans did do some production in house, but also subcontracted.

Someone else has posted a picture of the framemaker they met at Evans in the early ’70s but so far no one has identified him Someone weighed in to say that Woodrup who built for a lot of smaller English marques definitively did not build for FW Evans. The latter was the suggestion of Norris Lockley who has probably forgotten more about English makers than I know: I suspect that, in the early days pre and post war years when Evans really was a name to respect, that the firm had its own builders.

No doubt that in the leaner years they probably put the work out to subcontractors and it wouldn’t surprise me if the Holdsworthy company were involved. I know for a fact that in the late 70s and into the 80s, a lot of their frames were built by Nigel Dean’s small company up in Barton-on-Humber, the same town as falcon’s workshop was in.

I think that Ernie Clements was involved in both companies..

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Saunders by Harry Bailey from Macleans – letter dated 29th July – lists models and prices: A later article in Cycling magazine, dated January 15th, , illustrates the lug-work on the Apollo model see image below. The Apollo was not mentioned in the catalogue. A rather crude drawing of the Apollo lugs published in ‘Cycling’, The intricate lugs on an Apollo frame Len Phipps, owner of frame number KA , which dates from early sent in a detailed drawing of the intricate lug-work, referring to it as an “Apollo” model.

At this early date it could have been an example of a customer’s personal specification; in the absence of any available catalogue references to the Apollo model, it must remain as being a special build option that the company chose not to advertise widely.

Holdsworth Zephyr Road Path Model; PREMIER FRAME NUMBER DATING. BEESTON HUMBER FRAME NUMBER DATING. ELSWICK HOPPER FRAME NUMBER DATING. SINGER. The following dated bicycle frame numbers from the Singer Car Club (not guaranteed): –

Originally Posted by jetboy Post Very nice mistral! When I got the frame in May, it was painted brown and any decals were removed or painted over. The owner at that time gave me the info regarding Holdsworth Mistral and he knows what he is talking about. I did the complete redo. And you see the finished project. But it came to me as a brown bomber. Here’s a step by step small progress when I would remove it from my shop for drying, etc. I never did take a pic of it in the brown beginning. But the link is below.

1972 O’Brien Challenge – Holdsworth Replica – Vintage Bicycle Restoration

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