Impressive, some improvements should be made. Super fun, great strategy involved, however there are some very rude players that cant handle defeat. Also, the matchmaking system often makes teams quite unfair, making one team almost guaranteed to win, while the other has almost no chance to win. Overall, the graphics are pretty good for a mobile game, and over time they are very much improving. I really like how the graphics are adjustable so that even weaker devices can handle this game. Since this game has started, the amount of available tanks has increased by a HUGE amount, and some balances and improvements have been made to tanks to make this game fair. A lot of people complain about the kv tank lines being too powerful, however they are balanced out by being quite slow, and their fire rates are slow, along with several weak spots that can be hit from the front.

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Updated What is the Sandbox? Your participation will help us gather feedback on possible changes, and you’ll have more opportunities to influence development moving forward! While we can’t reveal all the details yet, we can say one of the things you’ll test is some new ways we’re thinking about artillery! How do I get access to Sandbox? Fill out and submit an application via the button below: Not everyone will receive access to the Sandbox.

Where newbies to the site can go to talk before they have access to anything else and where people new to WoTLabs should introduce themselves.

For experienced players damaging the Tiger P once you know its weak spots is a breeze since it is peppered with weak spots. The turret is also disappointing for Tiger P drivers since it mostly falls below mm effective armor. For Tiger P drivers your best bet is to try to stay pointing directly forward since angling will expose very weak side armor.

Starting with the front hull you have a mm thick upper hull plate that is difficult to damage for most tanks under tier 9. The angled cheek sections that flank this area are surprisingly weak at mm effective armor. For the uninformed these areas typically would be avoided since they appear strong. Moving down the front hull you have two extremely tough areas to penetrate before getting to the lower glacis.


Reply on December 14, Cheats players and constant Hacks plus Fake names are everywhere making your team worthless due to the amount of fake names Cheaters that abound this game. Please tell me how the game is before I play it. Nothing against those Russians, but in this game they have a ridiculously unfair advantage of being able to buy equipments for half the price that Europeans or Americans have to pay.

Feb 02,  · One Tier Matchmaking – posted in General Discussion: On the WOT Blitz homepage there was a news article that said that you will only play one tier above or below. It said it was only temporarily to test out this idea.

Being a precursor to the Maus means that the VK With the large size comes some drawbacks since some of its weak spots are large and easy to hit. This guide for World of Tanks VK Lastly effective armor values that take into account both vertical and horizontal angling help to understand the armor better. World of Tanks VK The primary weak spot is the most obvious in the lower glacis.

Being mm thick and only having mm effective armor makes it the weakest armor on the front. All other locations on the front hull are extremely difficult even for tier 10 tanks to tackle without some luck. The turret ring is easily hit under the gun and sits between mm mm effectiveness. Next to the mantlet and the cupola are also capable of being penetrated. Overall the turret armor still is protected extremely well against most shots.

Tier 6 and 7 tanks on the other hand will struggle immensely aside from the lower glacis.


World of Tanks 1. Wargaming also announced the World of Tanks enCore , where players are able to download a demo and test their system. Soviet Tech Tree Revision Update 9.

Dec 05,  · Tier V-VII matchmaking – posted in Suggestions: As most of players were have to notice, there is allowed only 1 tier level difference in matchmaking for I-IV tiers, while for V-X tiers its 2 tier level. As I know, that was made because of lack high level tanks in match query (players were have to wait too long for match start). But now there are lot of V-VII tier tanks and match starts almost.

First daily victory with the vehicle Coefficient of 2 No Exiting battle during loading screen or countdown No “Joining a battle” bonus. Since your tank is actually present in the battle until it gets destroyed, it can passively earn XP e. No “Joining a battle” bonus. Since your tank is actually present in the battle until it gets destroyed, it can passively earn credits e.

Exiting battle after countdown There is a penalty for XP earning, but only if the tank has not yet been destroyed. Also, if the tank was not destroyed before exiting, further XP can be earned passively while it remains on the battlefield, e. Credits as earned, there is no penalty. If the tank was not destroyed before exiting, further credits can be earned passively while it remains on the battlefield, e.

Team Damage inflicted Small penalty, supposedly twice the amount of XP you would receive for causing the same amount of damage to the enemy.

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The player has control over the vehicle’s movement, firing, and can communicate with allied players through typed or voice chat. A simple random match is won either by destroying all vehicles on the opposing team or capturing the opposing team’s base. There are other game modes that change the rules of the battle, but gameplay mechanics remain the same.

Wot Modules Matchmaking The garage stat shown for rate of fire is 01 (K) is a reward tier 10 German heavy tank from clan wars. Most Popular Dating Site In Hawaii Jump to: Buckhannon Dating Filed Under: Historic St. Augustine ·.

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First daily victory with the vehicle Coefficient of 2 No Exiting battle during loading screen or countdown No “Joining a battle” bonus. Since your tank is actually present in the battle until it gets destroyed, it can passively earn XP e. No “Joining a battle” bonus.

A WoT Tudásbázis egy World of Tanks-szel foglalkozó, független weboldal, melyet játékosok készítenek játékosoknak.

WoT Guru June 4, The tier 7 American heavy tank T29 is a superb tier 7 tank that not only has great armor but also firepower and gun depression. Even against tier 9 tanks its turret is nearly immune to all shots thrown at it. Only a few small spots on the turret can be penetrated semi-reliably. Most T29 drivers will abuse this and keep their tanks hull down as much as possible.

Outside of this tactic their weaker hull leaves them vulnerable. The upper glacis can be tough for lower tier tanks to damage. The lower glacis on the other hand is very weak and tier 5 tanks will penetrate it easily. Side View The side armor on the T29 is extremely weak on the hull and virtually every tank it sees can penetrate it. Simply avoid shooting the thicker turret sides and you will be alright. Rear View Much like the side armor the rear of the T29 is extremely vulnerable to taking damage.

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