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Turkey Vulture Life History, All About Birds, Cornell Lab of Ornithology

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The vulture, found by Saudi security officials in a rural area, wore a transmitter and leg bracelet bearing the name of Tel Aviv University, the Israeli daily Maariv said Tuesday. Scientists at the university said the bird was tagged to study migration patterns in the region, the Hebrew-language newspaper said. Arab-language Web sites posted details of the vulture’s flight, alleging it was a Zionist plot and that Israel was training the birds for espionage, the report said.

The Saudi Arabian newspaper al-Weeam was the first to report the incident. It said the vulture landed near the home of a sheik in the community of Hayel. The report said the bird had a “foul odor coming out of its mouth — proof of a Zionist plot. The English-language Israel Today Web site said the Iranian Tabnak news agency reported the serial number on the bird’s tag left no doubt it was sent to spy on Saudi Arabia and other countries.

The “spy personal number of X63 [the identification number on the bird’s bracelet] leaves no doubt that the other birds are going to be sent by the Zionist regime for espionage against Saudi Arabia and other countries.


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Dating US Edition UK Edition. US Edition. Please wait. Log in using your social Liberia lost a £20m lawsuit against two vulture funds in a London court late last year.

The brackets and links are mine except Argentina , but I recommend visiting his site for the rest of the article and more great links. In essence, [vulture] capitalism is “generalised commodity production,” the transforming of all life into a “thing,” something to be owned or traded. When this “system” fails, the vulture capitalists send in their carefully-selected Harvard economists to see that the nation’s financial ruin is complete. In , Argentina was the last in a long list of nations which have fallen prey to the ravages of vulture capitalism: Vulture capitalism is a form of finance capitalism, a hydra-headed monster: Multinational corporations moving their manufacturing plants to wherever the labor market is cheapest, where they can get the largest tax break from the host country, and where they can be assured that the host country will adopt a currency that can be traded without danger of political interference.

Indonesia, Russia and reaping obscene profits “For globalization to work, America can’t be afraid to act like the almighty superpower that it is. The hidden hand of the market will never work without a hidden fist. This editorial appeared four days after the start of the bombing war against Yugoslavia. Throughout the world, workers are being systematically beaten down by vulture capitalism:

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City finder Moroccan Arts and Culture The almost medieval-like hustle and bustle of Morocco is for most travelers a world away from their own cities and towns. The culture and people are usually so completely different from what they know that they often find themselves in situations to which they have no idea how to react. The following brief explanation of Moroccan art and culture is designed to help you get the most out of your stay in this amazing country.

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By Pallab Ghosh Science correspondent, BBC News Scientists in Germany have published details of flutes dating back to the time that modern humans began colonising Europe, 35, years ago. The flutes are the oldest musical instruments found to date. The researchers say in the Journal Nature that music was widespread in pre-historic times. Music, they suggest, may have been one of a suite of behaviours displayed by our own species which helped give them an edge over the Neanderthals.

The team from Tubingen University have published details of three flutes found in the Hohle Fels cavern in southwest Germany. The cavern is already well known as a site for signs of early human efforts; in May, members of the same team unveiled a Hohle Fels find that could be the world’s oldest Venus figure. The most well-preserved of the flutes is made from a vulture’s wing bone, measuring 20cm long with five finger holes and two “V”-shaped notches on one end of the instrument into which the researchers assume the player blew.

The archaeologists also found fragments of two other flutes carved from ivory that they believe was taken from the tusks of mammoths. Creative origins The find brings the total number of flutes discovered from this era to eight, four made from mammoth ivory and four made from bird bones.

Culture Vulture:

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Quincy Jones Talks Richard Pryor & Marvin Gaye Sleeping With Marlon Brando. dating the first daughter and Michael Jackson’s alleged habit of stealing In a new interview with Vulture.

Ask your questions about Vulture. Tell your vulture story. My neighbor had already been raping me in the backyard by then. I think Vulture knew, enough was enough. As he swooped down I seemed to know instinctively how to grab on. I had no fear of him. He just took that inner part of me, the part that could feel the pain. Perhaps it was my soul. I remember looking down on myself as we rose, Vulture holding me up.

I could see the pain in my trembling body, but no longer felt it.

Kathleen Turner reveals what it’s really like to experience Donald Trump’s ‘gross handshake’

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Monte Vulture, Potenza Province, Basilicata, Italia Composite volcano with m of nephelinite, tephrite and phonolite tuffs and lavas. Activity at the main centre ceased about Ma ago, but at +/- Ma, an isolated, highly explosive event occurred at the Monticchio centre, to the southwest of Vulture.

At least this was away from the more crowded areas of the temples, which became more deserted as I walked past the open air museum on the path towards the Temple of Ptah. At that time the title was usually given to the wife of the reigning king, her names were written in a cartouche and she was often succeeded by her daughter. Many royal ladies of the New Kingdom were associated with this office, at least nominally, including Queens Hatshepsut, Tiye and Nefertari.

Her function was to play the part of the consort of the god Amun in religious ceremonies, stressing the belief that kings were conceived from the union between Amun and the Great Royal Wife. The regalia changed through Dynasties XVIII to XX, but usually included the vulture headdress with uraeus and often the shwty plumes, or falcon tail feathers worn by Amun and Min, or sometimes the sundisc and Hathor horns on a modius, a sort of circular crown. In the later new Kingdom a pleated robe with a red sash replaced the earlier slim sheath dress.

Her insignia included the sistrum, menat, a variety of musical instruments and the flagellum. Henuttawy, daughter of Pinudjem II is also depicted here. At Karnak, several chapels were dedicated to Osiris and to Amun who was, by the Late Period, associated with him. The second structure here is better preserved with some good reliefs. The next structure is her later chapel which is larger still and originally had a four-columned hall and a sanctuary at the rear.

In one of the reliefs she is followed by her chief steward and fan-bearer who is named here as Sheshonq.

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In ancient and modern history, the region has survived under the rules of the Greeks , Romans , Germans , Byzantines , Saracens , Muslim , Normans , Kingdom of Naples , Kingdom of Sicily , and, finally, the country of Italy. This extensive exposure to several cultures has cultivated a rich culture and proud, tightly-knit population who remained relatively agrarian and poor until recent years, when its potential was recognized by tourists and industrial entrepreneurs alike.

Questo slideshow richiede JavaScript. You really must choose to come. There are no major airports. Its ancient neighorhood has been preserved as an outdoor museum with cave-like dwellings built into the tufo rock where many citizens of this impoverished and forgotten region lived along with their livestock. It is dotted with large tourist resorts. It was a Greek Achaean colony known as Metapontum.

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Meanwhile, the Irish Government is preparing to add further anti-avoidance measures as the Finance Bill goes through the Oireachtas. This will minimise how the strict rules in the proposed laws, unveiled on Thursday, can be circumvented by creative manoeuvrings, according to sources. Funds that hold on to property for at least five years will be exempt from withholding tax being applied to distributions from capital gains.

The remainder, including funds that are involved in developing property at a time when the country is facing a housing shortage, are likely to consider restructuring as a trading company, where a While some industry observers have welcomed that the Government introduced its plans this week, rather than waiting for a second Finance Bill as had been mooted at one stage, they say laws will have a broader impact than on the targeted funds.

The residential property price index published yesterday by the Central Statistics Office shows that, while the national index is

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Vulture funds ramp up number of debt chase cases tenfold Independent. A tenfold increase has been noted in the number of debt enforcement cases being taken in the High Court by major funds. The surge in legal actions is likely to create further anxiety over tactics employed by the funds to maximise their investments in Ireland. Previous concerns led to the introduction of laws protecting renters from eviction, and the closing of loopholes that allowed some entities to pay little or no tax on their Irish profits.

An analysis of High Court data revealed cases had been lodged by companies affiliated with CarVal, Cerberus, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Apollo and Oaktree so far this year – compared to just 53 in the same period last year. The vast majority of these cases involve applications for summary judgment against debtors, after which the funds can then seek to pursue borrowers’ assets to clear the debt. An analysis of new cases being filed with the High Court reveals enforcement activity by vulture funds began to ramp up significantly in the final third of and that trend had continued this year.

The figures come amid ongoing concern about how debtors are treated by vulture funds, with some debtors complaining about difficulties encountered engaging or negotiating with such companies. Many of the cases brought over the past year involve commercial debts, but the cases also involve buy-to-let mortgages and potential home repossessions.

Its Irish affiliates have initiated at least sets of High Court proceedings since January.

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