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But other than Justin Bieber, has there really been a true pop music wunderkind in the past ten years? If you can’t think of one, meet San Francisco garage rocker Ty Segall. At the fresh young age of 23, Segall has already released five full-length LPs of sun-drenched, fuzzed-out, psychedelic pop, including ‘s Melted which landed on a slew of year-end best-of lists , and Live in Aisle 5 a vinyl-only recording that just arrived in record stores last week.

If you weren’t able to secure passage on the sold-out ship, you can catch Segall’s rave-up live show at the Mercury Lounge in New York on March 8, assuming the cruise ship doesn’t capsize. PAPERMAG caught up with Segall before he embarked on the high seas to discuss the impending cruise, his breakneck work ethic, and if it’s ever appropriate to use the word “hella. Have you ever been on a cruise ship before?

The duo performed songs like “Swipe & Go” which levies a satirical swipe at online dating, causing more than a few chuckles in the crowd. The comedy continued on with the ballad “It Could Be Right” featuring internet meme Sergio Flores AKA “Sexy Sax Man” playing saxophone as Arens and Black sang their overly-romantic duet.

Friendly guy with a good sense of humour. Creative High powered mutant of some kind , never intended for mass production. Musician and Engineer Secret artist , paints things that often perplex the viewer but leaves them with comfortable warm fuzzy feeling. Also , ex lobster farmer and water champion. Big fan of cat’s , thunderstorms , Avocado’s , bat’s , “aztec chess ” , Wim Hoff and industrial motor’s.

I am fascinated by psychology and the subconscious and despise ticking clocks. Please enjoy this quote by Diogenes , ” In a rich man’s house there is no place to spit but his face”.

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He’d be way too busy making music to stop long enough to pose for one of those cool old black-and-white illustrations. As if his album-based output over the years spanning and weren’t enough, Segall also put out lots of singles, recorded covers, and basically never stopped working. The mighty “Spiders” kicks things off with Segall in full garage sludge mode, with guitars that sound like they’re being fed through cement mixers.

From there, it goes in all sorts of directions, from the tightly wound cover of the Groundhogs ‘ classic rocker “Cherry Red” to the acid folk ballad “For Those Who Weep,” from a bunch of raucous, Segall-y rockers like “Hand Glams” and “Mother Lemonade” to a song that sounds like it should have been on the soundtrack of an AIP biker film back in “Music for a Film”.

The biggest surprise is his sprightly cover of the Velvet Underground ‘s “Femme Fatale,” which turns the song into a snarling, snaky garage jammer that would have fit in well on a Back from the Grave compilation. What’s not a surprise is that a collection of Segall ‘s weird one-offs and spare songs is better than most garage noise practitioners’ best albums.

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Tweet I was raised in a time when bands and musicians would take, on average, anywhere from two to seven years to release an album. What I do know is that prolificacy is generally taken as an outlying artistic production mode, as indicated by the sense of surprise when such events of prolificacy occur. The nature of a guitar solo is to ruin a song; it deviates the melody and egotistically takes precedence over everything else.

Twins shows Segall in greater command of his craft.

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Denee Segall Ty Segall. Everyone is quick to call Ty Segall “prolific,” and only now is the unofficial prophet of psychedelia learning to accept it. This assessment isn’t completely off base, though, considering the year-old multi-instrumentalist and master of fuzz recently released his tenth album in 10 years, the double LP Freedom’s Goblin — a frenzied dive into his many minds. His cult success is not easily explained in numbers or lengthy, colorful descriptions of his trippy arrangements. Perhaps his steady climb to indie fame is best validated by Goblin’s opener, “Fanny Dog,” a jittery ode to his dachshund which bleeds into the slower ballad “Rain,” where Segall confesses he is “waiting for the sky to die.

Segall went on to explain why being subversive works for him and why he will never write a sequel to Love’s Forever Changes no matter how badly he may want to.

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Ty Segall

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Near the end of last year, Ty Segall put a bunch of new songs out online, which is a bit like saying water is wet. But even for a guy who has spent the last decade setting the pace for indie-rock.

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Characterized by pulverizing Breakbeat, this flurry encapsulates our morbid future.

Ty Segall discography comprises 36 official albums. The latest album “Emotional Mugger” was released in Albums and Songs.

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